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fareast rib 480


FAREAST RIB 480 is the ultimate version of Far East inflatable rubber boat series. It has smooth and beautiful lines, and enables you to drive safely in extreme sea conditions with its deep V-shaped hull structure.

FAREAST RIB 480 is easy to control and easy to learn. The operation of the wheel is just like driving a car, with a more agile thrust and gear system. It is sensitive and reliable.
Separable components make the FAREAST RIB 480 easy to transport and deploy immediately. Even the fuel tank is plug and play!
Extraordinary performance makes a FAREAST RIB 480 the best choice for clubs and regattas to maintain the field and lay down marks. Now take FAREAST RIB 480 and head on! On water works can be accomplished in such an elegant way!


Length Overall4.8m
Length of the inner hull3.74m
Beam of the inner hull1.8m
Diameter of the floating tank0.52m
Volume of the float tank2.072m3
Number of the floating tanks5
Max load900Kg
Crew number7
Weight of the engine125Kg
Weight unloaded220Kg
Engine number1
Engine type(Optional)outboard
Material of the hullGRP+PVC/Hypalon